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“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” --Colin Powell
LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Monday, August 22, 2011

Week Thirty-One

WOOHOO!!!!!  Down 2.8 pounds!!!!!

If I had stayed for the meeting on Saturday, you better believe I would have been celebrating!  This brings the total weight loss, to date, to the grand total of 36.4 pounds.  I finally cracked the "35 pound loss" floor that I had been dancing around for weeks (it seemed).

I really wish I knew what exactly it was that brought on that loss.  I've been trying to figure it out.  I've been making sure that I stay hydrated and I take my vitamins.  Other than that, I'm not sure if the recent warmer weather played a part or if it's just that my body decided that it was okay to shed a few extra pounds.  I'm kinda leaning toward that explanation.  Nothing's really moved much the past few weeks, to my frustration, and then all of a sudden......BAM!  I've just been staying the course:  drinking water, eating my daily points "ration", keeping indulgences down to a dull roar, and making sure I exercise regularly.

I guess that's the thing to take away from this:  "stay the course".  It's really easy to get all frustrated with a lack of results (or the wishy washy ups and downs on the scale) and abandon what you know will eventually work for you.  I think it's really easy for us to get annoyed and lose faith with things that may take some time to take effect, and I think we tend to get irritated with ourselves when our bodies don't want to do something when WE think they should. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Week Thirty

I did it again......forgot to post on the weekend after weigh-in.  I've been busy working on projects for Christmas presents on the weekends, and I've not really been getting on the computer much.

I went up this week a whole 0.6 pounds.  I'm not overly thrilled with the gain, but Chris and I did have mexican food for dinner on Friday and I'm sure the extra sodium didn't help me any.  For my part, I did try to make sure I drank a little extra water to help flush it out of my system, but it is what it is.  All I have to say is that at least my dinner was darn tasty and I enjoyed every bite!  That's the way a restaurant meal should be....something to savor and truly enjoy.  Believe me, I did!!!!

Since it seems like the weather is warming up again, I bought one of those reusable hard plastic cups with the straw so that I can be sure I'm drinking enough water at home.  I have gotten so much use out of that thing this past weekend, it isn't even funny.  I think the cup is 24 ozs. and I usually fill that thing up twice a day, and sometimes 3 times a day when it's a little warmer.  It seems like I tend to drink more water when I'm drinking it through a straw.  I also like the fact that the cup is reusable and sturdy as hell.  I had been reusing a Starbucks cup that I got iced coffee in about a month ago, and that promptly went in the recycle bin on Sunday.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Week Twenty-Nine

In my excitement, I completely forgot to post this weekend after weighing in.  I'm down 3 glorious pounds!!!!!!

I'm really not sure what contributed to the weight loss.  I didn't do anything different and I sure as heck ate when I was hungry.  I did make a point to drink plenty of water since it was rather warm and I wanted to make sure I was properly hydrated.  I get kinda gnarly headaches when I'm dehydrated and they're not particularly fun, especially when you're at work trying to concentrate.  (I'm sure sitting in an air conditioned office doesn't help with staying hydrated either.)

One thing that I was really proud of was Friday.  One of the managers was going to buy lunch for the small group of us in the office, and he was buying lunch from BJ's., pasta and more....what to do?  So, I checked the menu and I remembered that one time I had ordered these Thai Lettuce Wrap things and they were pretty tasty.  So, I went ahead and ordered them figuring they couldn't be all that bad and they were about the normal volume of food I eat at lunch normally.  Unfortunately, BJ's doesn't really have any nutrition info online, so I was at a loss for points calculation.  So, I figured I would just enjoy them, hope for the best, but have a normal dinner just in case.  I was able to find nutrition info online at another website for BJ's...and.....drumroll please.....with the help of the online points calculator, all 4 lettuce wraps cost me..............wait for it................................5 points.  SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was so happy that I was able to have lunch out, and still enjoy going out to eat with my husband that evening.