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“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” --Colin Powell
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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Week Nineteen

Down 1 pound exactly today! 

I have to say that I'm extremely happy about this as my weight has been bouncing around this month.  It's really difficult to maintain a normal eating habit when you're not feeling well, and it seems like I've been sick for a good 75% of this month.  Sigh.  I'm hoping that once this last little bout of ickiness is gone, that I'm DONE being sick.

I'm only 1.2 pounds away from my next personal weight loss goal of 30 pounds.  Wow, 30 pounds.  It's hard to believe that the weight has come off so quickly.  Yeah, I've lost an average of 1.5 pounds a week, which is about what you should expect, but it just seems like it's happened so quickly.  I know I am excited every time I can fit into something that's been languishing in the closet or drawer for a while.  I got a box of clothes from my aunt this week.  She's been losing weight, and a lot of these things she's only worn once (or not at all) and she's way too small for them now.  About a third of the stuff I can actually wear now, and it's so cool to have new things!  The other third, I can get into but I don't look good as I do need to lose a little more.  The last third is "no way, no how".....wayyyyyy too small.  But that's okay, at least I have something to look forward to!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Week Eighteen

So this week, I had a slight gain of 0.4 pounds but I'm not complaining in the least.

Last week I had a really great loss on the scale, but I also wasn't eating much of anything as I was sick.  Well, this week it was a lot of the same overall ickiness, but I did have my appetite come back a little bit.  Yeah, just in time for all the retirement parties and food celebrations at work.  Sigh.  Fortunately, it was kind of busy in the office so I didn't get out to any of the parties.  Thus, I missed tons of cake and assorted junk food opportunities.  Yay me?  Thursday did make up for everything though.  It was Donuts and Juice Day for the employee appreciation week, plus the lady that was supposed to bring the donuts forgot and to make up for it, she brought a truckload of tamales and pan dulce.  The donuts and juice were there too; someone else brought those.  I admit, I had one cheese tamale and a pan dulce and they were darn tasty!  Probably all the more so since I haven't had that in ages.  So then, the employee awards ceremony/retiree recognition ceremony was that day as well......Mexican food for lunch.  Yes, I partook and it was darn tasty too!  It's one of the few things that registers any sort of taste with me right now, so I'm all for it.

Friday was a little better, the only "hiccup" if you will was that we had another department buy pizza for us as a thank you for the help we've given them over the semester.  Oh boy.  I only had two slices.  Yep, that's it.  They tasted great, but I've noticed that the longer I DON'T eat a regular diet of junk food, the less tolerance for it I have.  I kinda felt crappy a couple hours afterward, but I just drank some water and ate a sensible dinner (and we did eat out on our usual Friday Date Night).

Here's hoping that next week will be a lot less coughy and stuffy and more on the normal track to wellness.  I'd like to have my full range of tastebuds back and not have food taste funky.  I'll also be glad when I'm not hocked up on cold's getting old and I think it's making me dehydrated which is not fun.  Plus, it will be nice when I can breathe deeply again so that I can step up the intensity on my walks.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Week Seventeen

I'm sitting in the room in Carlsbad typing away for you guys after my weigh in.  Dedicated, huh?

All joking aside, I had a good week....weight-wise.  I lost 3 pounds this week!  I know that any loss is a good loss, and I should be ecstatic at the huge loss I had, but it was mostly due to me being sick this week.  We'll see how things go when I'm eating normally again.  Or maybe this was the kick in the pants I needed to stop the Yo-Yo Plateau nonsense.  Who knows?

Last night, Chris and I went to Claim Jumper for my birthday.  I did try to be good and just order normal stuff since I knew I was going to weigh in today.  Fortunately, I really didn't want to eat anything (Okay, this is the part where I know some of you have fallen off your chairs....but wait, there's more!) so I just got the produce bar and a bowl of french onion soup.  It was tasty and the soup felt good on my sore throat, so it was a win all around.  Plus, I was able to at least watch the sodium intake on the produce bar.  I think that helped a little.  We did get dessert since it was my birthday, and I was going to have something, gosh darn it!  We ordered the brownie sundae thing, which I might add is the size of a roofing tile.  I think I might have eaten maybe an eighth of the thing, and I declared that I was done.  (Yes, I know it's a shock...but close your mouth please.  We are not codfish.)  So, we packed said chocolate roofing tile up and took it with us.  I joked that we would have brownie until our anniversary which is on Monday.  Normally, I would have eaten half that thing and then felt SO sorry afterward. 

So, I guess the moral of my pity party is that you should learn how to eat from sick people.  Act like you really are put out with the whole eating thing, and only eat what you reasonably need to eat.  Eat only enough so that you have something in your stomach, but not so much it makes you nauseated.  Be reasonable with dessert...don't go nuts with it, as tasty as it may be.  And when all else fails, pack that stuff up to go!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Week Sixteen

Up 1 pound.  Blargh. On the flip side, I did thoroughly enjoy eating popcorn when we saw Thor on Friday.  However, I know the extra sodium did me in.

I do have a couple non-scale victories to keep me motivated and I think of those each time the scale does something that I do not like.  I have two "new" pairs of jeans.  Yep, I went shopping in my closet.  I'm happy to report that even though I went up this week, the one pair is sorta hanging on my waist; I guess I need to "shop in my closet" for a belt.  Woo hoo!!!!!!  I'm also really close to being able to wear a tourmaline ring my mom gave me for my 30th birthday.  I'm still not able to wear my wedding set, but I do keep trying every so often to see how it fits.  I was hoping I'd be able to wear it for my anniversary (on the 16th), but I just don't know if that's going to happen.  Still, it's an ongoing goal to work towards.