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“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” --Colin Powell
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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Week 58 and On......

I've decided that I'm not really going to keep track of the weeks anymore.  I've been having a hard time even wanting to write on this blog the past couple months, as evidenced by the fact that it's now MAY and the last time I updated was FEBRUARY.

I have been very unhappy with my weight loss.  Very unhappy...almost to the point of being depressed.  The weight has not come off like I had hoped it would, and I've been seesawing back and forth with the gains and losses.  At last week's WW meeting, we were asked to describe our view of our weight loss journey with the following phrases:  "sizzling hot", "lukewarm", "ice cold"...or some other phrase of our creation.  The phrase of our choice was put on a name label and we were supposed to wear it for an activity.  Sigh.  This alone almost got me crying on the scale, not to mention the slight gain I had.  I think I mumbled that my weight loss journey was "something else" at this point and just collected my shoes and purse and sat down in the meeting room with the rotten sticker in hand.  I couldn't muster up enough "muchness" to put it on.  Sigh.

I've still been making it a point to exercise regularly (at least 4 times a week), and I've been pretty diligent at doing a minimum of 20 minutes a pop at a high intensity.  Anything less is just.....too much less.  I've noticed a lot more definition (despite the ugly ass pudge) in my arms and legs from working out on the rowing machine.  I've also noticed a little more "trimness" through the midsection as well, but I guess I don't see it as much since clothes cover that part all the time.  Thank heavens.  I'll keep the pudge rolls to myself, thank you very much.

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